Home of the Cycle Safety Program in Memphis, TN

motor1Welcome to 2 wheels in a 4-wheel world! Here you can join tens of thousands in the amazing journey of motorcycling. At some point in time you may have said to yourself, “I would love to learn to ride a motorcycle if only I knew where to begin or where to go to learn.” Well, this is your lucky day! There are classes available for many things from piano lessons to pilot lessons. Now you have the Cycle Safety Program in Memphis to help you learn how to control your “own handlebars”!

Motorcycle Safety is the brainchild of a small group of people in California who, in the 80’s, wanted to develop a program to keep motorcyclists safe in the “real world” and still enjoy it. That beginning has evolved into a national organization called the Motorcycle Safety Foundation with sites all over the United States. These sites present the classes to individuals desiring to acquire “the edge” needed to navigate 2 wheels proficiently and safely in our 4 wheel world. Thank you MSF!

motor3It is our intent to provide information through this web site that will help you decide if this program will help you. If you want to develop mental and physical skills needed to operate a motorcycle, you have come to right place. There is classroom development combined with actual riding practice in a learner-centered, controlled environment. We enroll students as young as 14 (with signed parental consent) to the senior rider. Come and join us, won’t you, for a fun-filled weekend of motorcycling and find out if motorcycling is for you.




Enjoy The Ride!